November 1984

Originally from Skokie, IL, John started his career in the golf industry at the age of 13 working as a caddie at the Evanston Golf Club in Skokie, IL. John continued to work at the Evanston Golf Club while in school, and this is when he met Vern Fraser. 

In 1977, John had a one year stint away from the golf and country club industry, and was looking to get back into it. He reached out to Vern Fraser about a position, and he was in need of a caddie master at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette, IL. John accepted the position and had over 220 caddies under his direction as the caddie master. John eventually made his way to the desert in the winter of 1982. Vern Fraser was the Director of Golf at Morningside at that time, and had asked John if he would be the "caddie master" at Morningside for the season. After two seasons of working both Clubs, Vern made John an offer to become a full time Morningside employee in 1984. If you ask John, "What is it about Morningside that has kept you here for so long?" He would tell you, "There's a feeling you get when you're at Morningside. It's the members, it's the staff, the property itself… when you pull through those gates, it feels like home. Why would you want to leave a haven like that?"

He'll tell you the Club saved his life… literally and figuratively. Many people may not know this story, but in October of 2014, John had a massive heart attack at the Rock. If it wasn't for the swift actions of the Superintendent at the time, as well as fellow member Dr. Stanley Silverman and General Manager Greg Harris, he knows he would be dead. He is very grateful everyday he's alive.

As stated in Greg Harris' letter earlier, "I have never met a better human being in my life." Well, it's absolutely true! John, congratulations on your service milestone. You have been a significant part of our team for the past forty years and we couldn't imagine Morningside without you. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and true love of Morningside!