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Morningside introduced the Full Family Golf Membership - creating an experience that encourages Members, their parents, children and grandchildren to enjoy, together, a lifestyle centered around a remarkable game, experienced in a truly remarkable private community. To deepen the connection of family, equity ownership at Morningside can be passed on, meaning this unique refuge will provide enjoyment and memories for generations. 

Members and their families are brought together by a Morningside culture that features an unpretentious approach to shared interests and authentic connections, while also offering a vibrant atmosphere where the finest things in life are enjoyed and celebrated. With the Coachella Valley as our playground, Members enjoy hiking, cycling, pickle ball, tennis, bocce, and much more. Our full range of clubs, groups and events support your family's active lifestyle and the reconnection and renewal that time together in nature brings

Members never wait for tee times to play our Jack Nicklaus Signature course — unique in the world  because of our breathtaking lake and double green for the 12th and 18th holes. Set on 140 acres of manicured turf and challenging hazards, both experienced and first-time players can enjoy the rewards of a game well played. Our practice facilities, golf shop and professional staff further support a truly unrivaled experience. 


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Wednesday, January 20th | 5pm-7pm

Friday, January 22nd | 5pm-7pm

Sunday, January 24th | 5pm-7pm




Fitness (News)

Mark Joseph's Weekly Fit Tip: Should I still exercise during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

There are many physical and health benefits of regular exercise. The novel corona virus pandemic is disrupting every aspect of life. The truth is, exercise is important to maintain health, prevent weight gain, reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep. Some studies even show that regular, moderate-intensity exercise may have immune-boosting benefits.

Luckily here at Morningside we have 18 outside fitness classes available to help keep you in shape. There is a wide variety of classes, including Functional Fitness, Spin, Body Sculpting, Yoga, Tai Chi, and a new Take it Outside class that is a moving circuit class that takes place on the Morningside property.

In addition to our live classes, another option is to access 100's of classes on our Morningside Wellness App. Plus our own instructors streaming classes for those of you who prefer to workout at home or while traveling. We are also offering Personal One on One Training outside during this pandemic. Contact me to set up a session, 760-770-5157.

So YES, keep exercising and stay healthy during the pandemic has become more important than ever.


Fitness (News)

"In Person" Fitness Classes: Sign-ups are required.
Download the "MyWellness" App to sign up for classes.

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Fitness Classes from home

Click here to view our "Mix it up" Full body workout with Elysia

Click here to view our Functional Fitness Class with Ian

Click here to view our Chair Yoga Class with Theo

Click here to view our Power Sculpt Class with Danette

Click here to view our Blissful Yoga Class with Tracy

Click here to view our Tai Chi Class with Michael




Fitness (News)

We're exctied to announce a new partnership with Technogym!

Technogym has made bringing your notepad to the gym a thing of the past. You can now use your phone to download exercise routine videos, record your fitness performance, reserve for classes and get involved in fitness challenges with other members. Beginning next Wednesday, October 14th, online classes and workouts will be available to stream from your phone. The Mywellness app is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you haven't downloaded it already, here are three reasons why you should. 

One account, multiple platforms
Mywellness is an open platform, meaning it is compatible with other apps. It connects with popular fitness apps and platforms such as Apple Health, Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, Mapmyfitness, MyfitnessPal, Polar, Runkeeper, Swimtag and Nokia. By serving as a central hub, Mywellness gives you the ability to track your fitness activity indoor and outdoor. 

Download exercise routines
With so many apps, devices and solutions to choose from, it can get overwhelming finding the right solution to support your fitness goals. A great feature of the app is the ability to use your phone to scan QR Codes on the machines you intend to use and instantly download exercise routines. You can also use the app to build your workout schedule. The more you personalize it, the more you get out of it.

Participate in fitness challenges
If you love to compete with friends and colleagues, you would love this app as it can be used for competitions with individuals and groups.

If you should have any questions about how to download the app or get started, give the Fitness Center a call, 760-770-5158.